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However, she was able to get one piercing in, a 16-gauge (she said the studio uses 16g only for helix piercings except in special circumstances depending on the client's ear anatomy). Because my ear is so thin, she had to angle it ever so slightly because had she done it straight, it probably would've poked into the side of my head.

Troubleshooting/question existing piercing I got my helix and conch pierced with high quality jewelry 4.5 weeks ago by a piercer who did a guest spot locally. I don't want to drive two hours to their shop, and I worry about not downsizing in an appropriate time..

So, I got my nips pierced a few days ago (I'm still so excited, I finally have them😩) and so, I have eczema, and my skin is, well, super dry. I've seen what I could use once they heal, but what can I use for moisturizing them whil e they heal? Archived post. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. I use 100% shea butter.Once flying high on their status as Reddit stocks, these nine penny stocks are falling back towards prior price levels. These Reddit stocks are falling back toward penny-stock pric... My piercing fail story. I don’t have any pictures, but I have the story to share. I got an ear lobe piercing a couple years ago at a tattoo parlor. My mom mentioned that it would be safer and would be less likely to cause an infection. I want to mention that I have pretty sensitive skin so the piercing was extremely painful. A lot of programmers can literally wear pajamas to work or something. It varies widely from field to field. I'd say that in the majority of fields, cartilage piercings are becoming more accepted these days (though maybe 10 or 20 years ago they would have not been acceptable). But again, it depends on the field.

For this, have a sterile sea-salt solution (like NeilMed Piercing Aftercare) applied immediately after you shower or cleanse, 2-3 times daily. 6. Tongue Piercings Come with an Oral Care Warning ...I just get a cup of hot water and add a bit of Himalayan pink salt. Then once the water is still hot but not burning ( you need to let it cool down a bit) I honestly just tilt my head and put my whole ear in the water and let it sit for a bit. Salt water is great for healing wounds- I hope this helps. 3. Reply.All troubleshooting postsrequire a CLEAR photo of the piercing (have someone else take it for you if possible), AND the information regarding the quality of the material, current aftercare process, age of the piercing, and notation of any trauma to the piercing per the sub sticky posts Anecdotal advice is temporarily restricted. Bad, misleading ...

I got an Apadravya yesterday (6 gauge) and while it was definitely my most painful, the pain was about 25% of what I'd built up in my head to expect. The great thing about piercing pain is that it's over very quickly (assuming the piercer is experienced and skilled). I absolutely love the look and looking forward to getting past the lengthy ...Most places that do ear piercings will unfortunately use low quality metals like surgical steel or stainless steel (which is just mixed metals mostly, but it has nickel, which you could be sensitive to), or sterling silver or 9k gold or something that's also mixed. Most things labelled as hypoallergenic are unfortunately not hypoallergenic.

Generally, we're pretty lenient about what's acceptable here. If it involves body modification, it belongs here. That includes pictures of the mods you have, pictures of mods you've done (if you're a professional), tattoos, suspensions, unusual plastic surgery, and "would this look good on me" posts. We only have a couple of things that are ...Flipping up a septum is super easy. You can even get pierced with a retainer which is easier to flip up and more comfortable. Leaving it out is different from person to person, but you can always just flip it up and it will be invisible unless someone is looking up your nose. edit- also wanted to say make sure you get a good piercer, cause crooked/too low/improperly placed septums are too common.Today I took the labret out of the healed piercing. It smells weird and felt greasy. Sort of like overripe sebum and dead skin. Not foul like an infection. More like if I had oily skin on my feet and hadn't washed between my toes for a couple of months. My routine with regular butterfly backs was to take them out every night, and once a month ...2. V_skate11 • 10 mo. ago. Ahhh yikes I would 1000% do studs!!! Hoops are okay but studs will make the healing process so much easier and likely faster! Also studs will be way easier to clean and give the piercing some more movement to just do it's own thing and heal well! 2. Acceptable_Offer_146 • 10 mo. ago.

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The piercing process wasn't painful. It healed relatively quickly. I love it and highly recommend it to others interested in that piercing. Only drawback is that it's in a very tight location, especially depending on your anatomy. It could potentionally be obnoxious if you like to frequently change your jewelry.

Chronically_ill_Alto. • 1 yr. ago. yes, it does hurt. You're getting a needle (s) shoved through your skin. However the initial pain doesn't last very long. It may be throbbing and sore for a bit. Reply. Fit-Huckleberry3787. • 1 yr. ago..

It's been nearly a year since I got my septum pierced, also my first piercing, and now when this COVID bullshit blows over I am thinking of complementing it with a smiley. I have some questions about the piercing after I did some research: 1- I work in a hospital and as such, they aren't the most fond of the more "outrageous" piercings.DearDorothy • 3 mo. ago. Yes. Your navel shouldn't have been pierced to begin with. Floating navel jewelry is meant for collapsed navels, not navels without a shelf. Remove this before it removes itself. 148. Reply. libra-love- • 3 mo. ago. This started rejecting a long time ago.Chronically_ill_Alto. • 1 yr. ago. yes, it does hurt. You're getting a needle (s) shoved through your skin. However the initial pain doesn't last very long. It may be throbbing and sore for a bit. Reply. Fit-Huckleberry3787. • 1 yr. ago.What I do is clean it once in the morning and once at night after I shower. Taking a shower helps loosen up any crusties or dried blood. You only need to clean it twice a day, 3 times can be a bit overkill since overcleaning piercings will irritate it and slow down the healing process because even though it gets rid of bad bacteria, good bacteria helping the piercing heal gets cleaned away.Are you looking for an effective way to boost traffic to your website? Look no further than With millions of active users and countless communities, Reddit offers a uni...I had cheek piercings for about two years. What people say about the scarring is true, but on my face, it just looks like I have dimples. I didn't have dimples before. I had custom made jewelry in my cheeks from day one. I never had a problem biting on the jewelry. But out of all the piercings I've had, they were definitely the hardest to heal.If you discussed having sensitive skin before getting these done, the piercer should not have agreed to do more than 1 at a time. Each of these piercings can take anywhere from 6 months or longer to heal, and all together will take even longer. Your skin looks so angry, and I'm so sorry. You must be in terrible pain.

Mark your piercing location. Do your research to ensure it is being placed correctly, and what kind of body part you will be going through (soft tissue or cartilage). Rub the marker on the tip of a toothpick and mark with that to get a very small and precise dot. Change gloves. Prepare your needle.also not op, i got a left tragus done and then five weeks later i got three more piercings -- a right flat and two upper lobes. everything is healing really well four weeks later. tragus has been downsized and is completely painless, upper lobes i've had literally zero issues with and the flat is mostly okay -- it can sometimes get caught on my mask which can hurt a bit, but as long as i don't ...Avoid lace bras if you wear them, unless they're well lined and don't have a hem. If you don't have a large chest then wear sports bras as much as you can after piercing them. No sleeping on your stomach for a while, and absolutely keep a shirt on while sleeping. Nip caught in the blanket sucks. 4.r/PiercingAdvice. • 2 yr. ago. hendeka. Nips? Regrets? For people who have had nipple piercings but decided to not keep them, do you regret it? I've had mine pierced for almost 4 years and recently I have been contemplating taking them out for good. I got them when I was young and definitely dumb, but have always loved them.the clit piercing from wicked perversions is cool and all but I dont really see any other piercing options. Any mods out there for nipple piercings, tongue piercings ,belly button piercings and back dimple piercings ? ... We are Reddit's primary hub for all things modding, from troubleshooting for beginners to creation of mods by experts. We ...

The APA-procedure gave me some pre-taste of what it means to have an apadravya. I could not feel the barbell inside my cock, it was just very bloody down there, and the barbell felt loose in the hole. Even when sliding the barbell up and down in the bloody hole, it did not feel much. My metal state was in a “low mood” afterwards, like ...

Is my nipple piercing rejecting? [NSFW] Sorry about rule 1a, I can't put all the info in the title... pierced last October, so 9 months ago, at a professional piercing shop. Kept the 1/2", 14g titanium barbells they gave me until the healing was mostly done, and changed them out for 1/4" 14g titanium barbells once it seemed mostly healed.swimming with piercings. i’m a competitive swimmer and i swim >two hours every day. i’ve also gotten a bunch of piercings without taking time off of practice and they’ve all healed up great!! if u have any questions about swimming with piercings u can always dm me! I got my septum, nostril, belly button, and multiple ear lobe piercings ...View community ranking In the Top 20% of largest communities on Reddit. Piercing recommendations? my ears feel a little bare. the lower helix piercing is a few days old, but i feel like more piercings would be nice. what do you recommend? comments ...Check the ingredients, if it's 0.9% sodium chloride and water without any additives it's fine. This specific brand is so pressurized lol but it still works. I usually spray it into the lid and then use that to pour it over my piercing. Just make sure it's clean.Reddit – piercing – Wie kann man wissen, ob ein Piercing an einem gut aussehen wird? März 9, 2021 by admin. Du kannst auch /r/shouldimod ausprobieren. Das ist ein Ort, an …Something other people haven't mentioned: if you bruise easily it might happen that your ear around your piercing will as well (even when pierced with a needle). Your lobe will be very tender and sensitive for a few days but it's not bad at all. You shouldn't feel it if you leave it alone :). Other than that it will only hurt for a few seconds ...The APA-procedure gave me some pre-taste of what it means to have an apadravya. I could not feel the barbell inside my cock, it was just very bloody down there, and the barbell felt loose in the hole. Even when sliding the barbell up and down in the bloody hole, it did not feel much. My metal state was in a “low mood” afterwards, like ...Method 1. Using Discreet Jewellery. Download Article. 1. Buy clear or flesh-coloured jewellery for the piercing. This option is likely more useful for piercing on your …


Aug 11, 2023 ... We make a payment plan for the entire curation usually for one ear it's $700-1300. They place a deposit and I order everything for the entire ...

Images of genital mods, including the pubic mound, male and female nipples. Images that include blood, gore, or severe infection. We'd appreciate a trigger warning in the title for these. All images of suspensions or scarification. Any imaging of mods in progress.Sterilized Needles > Piercing Guns; Longer bars in new piercings allow for swelling to occur. Stainless steel is best for new piercings. Alcohol is for cleaning steel (or non-corrosive) jewelry not your piercing itself. Stick to saline cleaners or clear anti-bacterial soaps for that. Removing a piercing if it's doing poorly is OK.A truly infected piercing would require antibiotics; if your symptoms were fully alleviated with proper care, then it was irritated, not infected. This is super important to understand because if you do suspect an infection, see a healthcare professional (even if it's virtual due to the pandemic). Don't wait around and see if you can heal ...A piercing pillow or donut pillow does the trick, but yes, a daith piercing is a nicer one because it's inside the ear, so sleeping on it doesn't really bother it much. 7. Relative_Call_3012. • 10 mo. ago. My conch was pretty easy to sleep on. I'd always start laying on the opposite side, and then wake up laying on it.No piercing you have ever gotten has been healed "in a week". No longer being sore and swollen is not the same as being healed lol. I'd leave it alone for three weeks at least, and be gentle with it afterwards. It'll take months to heal, and longer to season.Tressless (*tress·less*, without hair) is the most popular community for males and females coping with hair loss. Feel free to discuss remedies, research, technologies, hair transplants, hair systems, living with hair loss, cosmetic concealments, whether to "take the plunge" and shave your head, and how your treatment progress or shaved head or hairstyle looks.Generally speaking yeah, it's usually always bad to pierce in high movement areas. But the nose is a very tough and semi hard tissue as compared to high cheek piercings or eyebrows, which all have high movement but the skin is completely different on the nose.Try this store locator from gorilla Glass or call glasswear studio and ask what location near you has their retainers. I know body art forms should have glass retainers and I think offers fast us shipping. You can pick up bioplast retainers from …Claire’s & Ardenes - just don’t do it. It was cheap, free with the purchase of earrings but they use a piercing gun which isn’t good for your ears. It can’t be sanitized properly and can cause trauma to your ears. My friends basement - $15 for a cartilage piercings.1b. They will walk you through proper aftercare. 2. Do not take your earrings out during the healing process - at all. The blood will not "get stuck." During showers any residual blood will get rinsed away. 3. Do not twist the earring. It was old advice from a past piercing generation; generally it's not helpful.

The APA-procedure gave me some pre-taste of what it means to have an apadravya. I could not feel the barbell inside my cock, it was just very bloody down there, and the barbell felt loose in the hole. Even when sliding the barbell up and down in the bloody hole, it did not feel much. My metal state was in a “low mood” afterwards, like ...I got a lobe piercing and it seems to be healing well. No irritation, or blood or bumps. Just some tenderness but I think that's because I sleep more on one side. I ordered some new titanium earrings, and I'm just excited to swap them out, but I don't want to mess up my piercings. Any advice would be helpful.same boat. depending on how close your third lobes are to the cartilage-y part of your ear, they’ll heal more like cartilage piercings. if you feel as though the angle is off, see a shop other than the place that pierced you for a second opinion. 2. onlyspiderwebs. trippie bri sexy I’m thinking of getting double conch piercings and was wondering what could work as a complement with them. I have had my middle live stretched to “0” and have an upper lobe piercing which might still be viable. The helix might be out of bounds due to repeated piercing gun attempts (young and stupid). lesbian belly licking Smell like cheese. : r/piercing. All. My piercings. Smell like cheese. Doesn't matter if I rinse them daily with warm water in the shower, or if I spray them daily with saline, or if I just let them be. They always smell like parmesan cheese. The new ones, the old ones, the freshly healed ones. My brother claims he enjoys the parmesan smell ... pusas grandes There was a time when the standard was 14g, but it's been a great many years since I've seen anyone (that wasn't a hack) recommend 14g for initial nipple piercings. There may be cases where 14g is appropriate (small nipple on a chest where 12g wouldn't fit, but 14g would), but that still comes with additional irritation risks. 2. naked women ass pics the reason it's hitting your teeth is cuz they gave u bigger bars for swelling. once they heal, they can take them out and switch them out for bars that don't hit your teeth. just hang in there😁. Oh that makes sense. Thank you! So i got my snake bites done earlier today, and they hurt a lot but now a few hours earlier they dont really ...Hi Snoo99699, because Reddit hides it well, here are the links to report DM or chat messages directly to Reddit admin just in case you need them report chat. report DM. I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. ... First piercing and already notice that one side is higher than the other…is the difference noticeable? ... bent over naked selfie I kept a record of my pain experience. For the rook I had I ranked it a piercing pain of 8.5/10, and a healing pain of 9/10. However, I had to remove it because it eventually got infected. it was a real pity because it was going to be one of my favorites. this was what it looked like the day after i got it done to give you an idea of my ear ... onlyfans leak tv Claire’s is the absolute WORST place to get ear piercings. In fact, don’t go anywhere that uses a gun. Piercing guns can’t be put in a Statim for sterilization. The gun will melt due to it being made of plastic. This can transfer diseases since the gun reused on …Expect a lot of swelling and muscle soreness and you're likely to produce a lot more saliva until your body recognizes that thing in your mouth doesn't need to be swallowed :) Since oral piercings heal fast, luckily it's all short lived. 4. ExtremelyDubious. • 1 yr. ago. Cons: Danger of tooth and gum damage. busty pictures porn "Soak piercing for 10 minutes twice a day with warm saltwater. To make a proper saltwater solution add 1/4 teaspoon of non-iodized sea salt to 8oz of warm water and stir until dissolved. Fully submerge the piercing or use a cotton ball to soak the piercing. If your skin becomes overly dry due to the salt, you can soak every other day instead of ...Question 1: When you've taken out your belly piercing, anf you put it back in, does it hurt when you put it back through? Is it supposed to hurt, or feel uncomfy? I'm fully healed now and wanna know for when/if i change my jewelry. Question 2: Is there a way to tell if a metal is good quality? I was gifted a belly ring which i adore but ... praewasian sextape Skip mouth piercings all together. Someone who works in the dental field just skip them all together. They cause a lot of dental issues and sure aesthetics are nice but it can cost you in the long run - also a new piercing and braces together are bound to get stuck together. 1. Reply. big butt stepsister I don't look at a piercing and associate it with being cool. I've met totally uncool people with piercings. I got a belly piercing cause I thought it looked pretty, not because I wanted people to think I was cool. If you're getting a piercing just to look cool or badass to other people, you're not getting one for the right reason. nude photos of tonya harding Although to be fair, rotating wasn't good aftercare advice 20 years ago either. Get some sterile saline spray (wound wash, containing 0,9% sodium chloride and water without any additives) if you don't have any already. Once a day simply spray some directly on your piercing, let it sit for a minute or two and then dry with non woven gauze. big israeli tits Hi!! Bumps like that are completely normal. I had a bump on one of my piercings once ( i can't remember which one 😭) And i found that using bump oils ( from amazon) are a great solution!! But if that doesn't work your body might just be rejecting the piercing itself. 2.same boat. depending on how close your third lobes are to the cartilage-y part of your ear, they’ll heal more like cartilage piercings. if you feel as though the angle is off, see a shop other than the place that pierced you for a second opinion. 2. onlyspiderwebs.